Mostly Happy Always Hungry is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the pursuit self care, self love, and self improvement; along with what it takes to make those pursuits obtainable.

Every tip, trick, insight, and misstep comes from my own personal interactions with the world. My aim is to be as transparent as possible with my experiences and growth along the way.

I am an eighteen year old, ice cream loving, college student pretending to know what I’m doing and trying to live a life worth writing about in the process. The past year has been full of changes, both good and bad. In the midst of a new school, a new city, and a seemingly new me, I decided to blog about life and all the ups and downs that come along with it…now, 10 months later, I actually created a domain name and here we are.

Blogging is admittedly foreign to me, but I do have a real knack oversharing and over caring. The two seem to go hand in hand. I hope to see you subscribe, follow, and interact – I’m excited to share!